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Role and Responsibilities

The prime roles of a Head of Department are to provide the academic leadership and management to facilitate a collegial, productive and safe working environment in the department, the faculty and the Institute.

The role involves the following general responsibilities:

  • The guidance and facilitation of the research, and undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, and continuing education and outreach activities of the Department;
  • The governance of the Department and the establishment and development of its strategic direction
  • The guidance and development of staff and the management of personnel-related issues in the Department
  • overseeing and guiding the academic development of students
  • Ensuring fair and equitable treatment of all staff and students and establishment of mechanisms to ensure that the University's Cultural Diversity policy is implemented.
  • The pursuit of excellence and innovation in teaching and learning responsiveness.
  • The implementation of quality assurance processes particularly in relation to teaching, research and the supervision of students;
  • The allocation of duties to staff to ensure the effective and efficient performance of the Department's teaching, research and service functions
GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management


G L Bajaj, innovation is defined as the translation of knowledge and technologies in the form of newer and better products and services. Being innovative adds value to our graduates' education and training, which gives them the extra edge and ultimately increases their employability.