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Applied Science and Humanities

The Department is well equipped to impart knowledge in core subject, like Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Applied Mathematics and Professional Communication with the aim to imbibe students with scientific bend of mind and aptitude. Applied Science and Humanities laboratories play a vital and critical role in technical education.

Almost every topic taught during lectures has a corresponding laboratory experiment. GLBITM pays great attention to its laboratories and the equipments and acquires new and modern equipments whenever necessary. The labs provide ample practical experience and facilitate the students to apply what all they have learned. All Laboratories are fully equipped to conduct the experiments as per the syllabus of the University. Chemistry Laboratory The Chemistry Department comprises of well-equipped and spacious laboratory for practical training in the subject. Spectrophotometer, PH meter, calorimeter, glass distillation unit, electric balance, electric oven, thermostatic water bath, thermostatic hot plates are some of the major equipments available in working condition.

All glass apparatus are of standard borosil and quality reagents required for the practical are available in the laboratory in sufficient quantity. Physics Laboratory Physics Laboratory has modern facilities and well-equipped laboratory. Physics Laboratory work, for the B.TECH is an important part of the course. It provides an opportunity for learning through observations to become familiar with the instruments and gaining experience in handing them.

To nurture the students into a perfect engineer, the motive of learning through on hand practice is strictly followed. All students are required to do independent experimentation under the tutelage of experienced faculty. Physics Laboratory is equipped with the following experiments:- Hall Effect set up with electromagnet Four Probe methods Energy Band Gap Four Probe Method Polarimeter Newton’s Rings Nodal Slide Fresnel’s Bi-Prism Transmission Grating Carey Foster’s Bridge Stefan’s Law by Electrical Method Helmholtz Galvanometer Viscosity Calibration of an Ammeter and Voltmeter Conversion of Galvanometer into voltmeter. Conversion of Galvanometer into Ammeter. Sonometer. Melde’s Experiment. Moment of Inertia. Bar Pendulum. Dark room for optics experiments. Logic Gate. Variation of Magnetic Field Ballistic Galvanometer Hysterics Curve. Variation of Magnetic field. Mathematics Mathematics has proved itself as a fundamental discipline for all branches of Engineering and Technology with ever-spreading applications in all spheres.

Thus, the need for conceptualizing the framework followed by rational applications becomes imperative. The department attempts at enhancing the student’s analytical powers to ground them firmly in the so called “difficult” field of mathematics.

The Engineering Mathematics being the part of Applied Mathematics fulfills the needs in every dimension. Professional Communication Lab- Communication skills lab and Audiovisual language lab The Applied Science Department lays equal thrust on developing the student’s communication and soft skills to achieve comprehensive persona enhancement. This lab consists of Communication skills lab and Audiovisual language lab.

The communication skills laboratory attempts to inculcate the practical skills of communication which includes discussion sessions, presentation, mock meetings, mock interviews with an objective of developing the all round personality particularly the qualities of leadership, dynamism, team building, positive value based attitude and confidence among the scholars. Software’s used in Professional Communication Laboratory 1. Rennet: Text Editor, Recording and Writing Player 2. Word Inventor Vocabulary 3. Error Terror 4. Tense Buster

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